Thursday, April 12, 2012

West, North and Crustaceans :

The West:
This too is a re-post of a superbly conceptualized home in Scottsdale, AZ. And what is not to admire with this structure? the whites comforts the desert, the door, the strategically arranged windows! It's the stuff of good conversation! 15 votes.

The North:
 This is for the theme: "Sacred Sunday" again I believe and it is a very well aged Stained Glass window at St. Margaret's Church in Edinburgh. I must say, that church was a treasure trove for photography! 14 votes.

and by golly, the crustaceans:
The theme "Food Friday" is a very fun and challenging photography theme in Google Plus. Since it's an international crowd up there, one can just imagine the photos from all the corners of the earth that streams in! I love participating in it and I have made the best of virtual friends in this theme of all because cuisine is such a genial topic! 10 votes!

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