Thursday, April 12, 2012

Flora, Fauna and Ella :

"Floral Friday" is also a great theme to participate in because flowers are beautiful and is soothing as a subject. This succulent photo i took in Washington DC, is the Guzmania Linguata; the colors are outstanding and the specie a league of it's own! 15 votes.

This Giant Leopard Moth insect was a fortuitous find! I was in queue at an ATM machine and this was situated almost camouflaged by the ground. I love how God made this creature because the patterns are notable and I believe it makes this moth extra special. This garnered 21 votes which was my highest pointer up until the 2nd week of March!

 Ella is my niece and she appeared on G+ for the theme "Portrait Tuesday." I took this pic one afternoon of all my niece and nephews and they wore their beautiful clothes for their Auntie. i love that afternoon, it was fun and the kids were just awesome to photograph. Ella got me 22 points and G plus-ers from all over loved her!

Nota Bene: If you are reading this please note that I do realize there are photographers on G+ who get hundreds of votes in a matter of minutes. I do not by any means line myself up with them nor do I even dream of being in their league. To me, taking pictures with my humble gear, the process of editing if need be and sharing the pictures is a reward enough. At best I really just am an avid hobbyist in photography. :-) 

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