Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Wonton Soup :


beef meat balls:
ground beef, chopped garlic, beaten egg, flour, seasoned salt, chili powder - mix all in a bowl and form into small meatballs

wrap in Wonton wrapper already squared, brush sides with water to make the sides stick fold this diagonally

Base Soup:
Prepare this prior to making the Wontons. lots of water in pot, season this with seasoned salt, 1/2 packet of low sodium beef bullion, freshly ground black peppers, fresh ginger root (julienne), lots of garlic, lots of sliced onion, lemon grass if you have it. Bring to boil. Taste periodically and add more seasoning if desired.

Upon boiling, add diagonally sliced  Chinese cabbage lots of scallions and the wontons with the meatballs. When the wontons surface - the wontons are ready. allow to simmer mildly up to 7 minutes more then add more scallions prior to serving. 


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