Thursday, April 12, 2012

Funky Shoes, Purple Leaf and An Eerie Castle :

WEEK OF MARCH 18, 2012:
The Funky Shoes:
Theme: Shoes Monday. Votes: 16. 
These are indeed the funkiest shoes I own. I do not mean to be vulgar when I wear it, I just appreciate good workmanship and style.

The Purple Leaf:
Theme: Leaf On Thursday. Votes: 28.
This Purple Agave Lipstick Plant  gave me the highest votes up to the time of it's post and maybe even to date! I like it but I didn't expect this kind of reception for it! mahvelous!

The Eerie Castle:
Theme: Monochrome Monday. Votes: 19.
This photo I processed to make it look as vintage as possible, in fact, medieval. Like the age and architecture of the castle! Edinburgh Castle to be exact. To me it's as if, a period piece film is about to unfold with this pic! ;-)

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