Thursday, April 12, 2012

Solution to the Hiatus


I have been remiss here and it's reprehensible since this site is supposed to represent the things that interest me which I wish to share with you but the absence has been rather lengthy.

Indeed there is something else that has caught my fancy and it's the social networking site named Google Plus! I have been spending much of my internet time there particularly around the photography circles. I have participated in the daily themed-photography groups and it has sort of filled the void in my socialization.

But because I also don't want to neglect this my own personal platform here in Blogspot, I came up with this solution: I will post at least (here I go again with commitments), 3 pictures per week here in Et. al which was deemed as "well-liked" in G+!

I believe this way, until I get my bearings back into being diligent outside of photography, I will post various themed photos which I earnestly hope you will come to like!

Allow me to begin in chronological order going back to the week of March 4, 2012:


A photograph of St. Margarete's chapel nestled on top of the Edinburgh Castle.  This photo was posted for the theme: Sacred Sunday and I was pleased that some photographers who I consider "great" liked this picture and the techniques I used to achieve this kind of tonality!