Friday, November 25, 2011

Taya Kennedy, Baby Model

The sweet face shown in this picture is that of Taya Kennedy, a baby model with Down's Syndrome in Great Britain. The Daily Mail reports that Taya was not chosen for reasons of political correctness, but because quite simply, her smile and vibrancy wins hearts and sells the products she models! 

Being a sister of a man with Down's, I was joyed to re-feature this in this blog because it was such an inspiring story to read. Like a refreshing news amidst all the hate, tragedy and ills all around the world happening 24/7. People with Down Syndrome (if raised in a  good environment), are very gentle, trusting, happy and devoid of prejudice.

Kudos to Taya's devoted and loving mother Gemma Andre, for her love and for nurturing  this precious and beautiful bundle of jolly good cheerful, sweetness!

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