Saturday, October 1, 2011

Blog Cover Deconstrcuted & Blog Content Explained

 Bohol, Philippines

Don't know why but starting and editing blogs are fun for me. A nice past time; there's an element of hope in conceptualizing what the blog, the layout, the outcome and what the possibilities could be.

 my niece Kayla

So it follows that I have another one and after years of starting one after the other, just as I think to myself, I have found the style and flow desired, in comes another of my ideas. This one may be a bit like Simple Snippets, the blog I had which I thought would be the simplest, most easiest blog to manage yet still look cool. But alas, even that one became cumbersome. 

Shrimp Pasta Salad

With "et al. by Y.," I sincerely endeavor to make it as random, informal but the coolest of all the blogs I've had. I borrow plenty from a lot of my favorite blogs, some from my own personal friends and others from masters who are indeed constant and are much publicized. 

 Manhattan, NY

In any case, I will not promise that this will be the last blog I will start and not finish, but it is my intention that this will be the most enjoyable.

random girl who loves ties

And by the way, just as what the blog description and the blog title suggests, this will be about travel, spirituality, design, cuisine, events, people, music, books, living and many, many other things which I want to blog about!

random violin in the Internet
only pic not taken by me on
this set of pics...

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