Saturday, October 1, 2011

Autumn in NY

A pic I took from the Empire State

For those who know me, this might sound like a broken record already, but really I don't know what is about the change in the weather, that first brush of cool air and the heralding of fall that makes me think of New York. 

I saw a vague turn of color on our yard's trees and it transported me there. Then, I had to talk to my cousin who lives in Long Island, the one who is partly responsible for my fondness of NY, to reminisce. It was her that introduced me to Junior's Cheesecake in Grand Central; the underground Chinese cuisine in Chinatown, and the crisp strolls in Manhattan late afternoon when the city lights up and I had to just say "hello" and "wish I was there."

Having said all that though, I will say that I am also content where I am. Perhaps, it's just the temperature and the memories getting to me...  

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