Thursday, October 27, 2011


Finally went to that place with the, with the . . . oh the clock! and the people with the accent!

It's not cliche to me because I have always dreamed of coming here, working here and living here. That was of course until I saw her current state, to which I was saddened by. 

Nevertheless, despite the dirt from Heathrow to Warwick to Bromley-by-Bow and the absence of the old chaps with the Chapeau and umbrella, London is still a destination worth visiting because depending on your perspective, every one I saw there, whether indigenous or transplanted - were trying. 

Whilst there I got to:

Eat fish and chips the traditional way at "The Anchor"
(built in the 1600's)

Mess around with the red phone booths:
(I needed a quid...) 

Hear London Calling:
(it said "Vrooomm!")

See a Shakespeare Play:
(w/ the English Patient as Prospero)

Photograph Monet:
(well, figuratively speaking.)

Sample Punk Sweetness:
(ah, life's ironies...)

Meet the Invisible Man:
(w/ visible neck)


Soak up the Thames at night.

- Among others anyway...

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