Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jane Cumberbatch's Home

 I have been a fan of Jane Cumberbatch for over 10 years now, when I saw her book Pure Style for the first time, I was awed at how something basic and simple could become very, very attractive. Her use of light tones, whites, neutral colors with minimal accents of rich tones and the practicality of her style got me hooked on her design. 

The key to her style I believe is purity and simplicity. Some of her pieces are flea market finds, recycled and inherited furniture. Her creativity is her very own though, prior to Jane Cumberbatch this sort of “simple chic” has not been seen before. I particularly love her ability to present her spaces realistically - meaning having a bit of clutter and so on, but yet the rooms are still appealing because of how she plays with her design palette. Studying her work makes me think that beauty and function in a house can coexist even for someone who lives on a budget. Gone are the days when one had to follow the catalog at Rooms to Go to Ethan Allen to a T (ad nauseum), like everybody does around me. 

Jane’s home is featured in Design Sponge today and looking at the photos of her abode, it’s obvious she is confident that her house has it’s own identity. It’s smart, useful stylish and even conscientious. I really appreciate her and I hope it’s OK. LOL!

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