Saturday, January 21, 2017

Il Pittore: Art and Coffee Amalgamation

A happy synchronicity. The reason I am saying this is to attest that such circumstances really exist though very few and far between. Here I was with my bosom friend Liza pining for something out of the ordinary to visit and chill in; as we mosey on to this café situated at the backdoor and definitely off the beaten path - no sooner did we become enthralled.

Exterior mural

It was this genuinely artistic creativity that drew us to the place to be sure, murals with German expressionist leanings, monochrome posters outlining Paris mixed with industrial furniture and Provęnce-themed bric-a-brac completed Il Pittore's 360 degrees exterior. 

cool poster de París

With our curiosity piqued, we enter through the 1950's wooden and glass door, et vóila, a pastiche of Picasso, Magritte and DaVinci with a Van Gogh backdrop on the wall and to the left side of this - a Chagall.

Magritte, Picasso, DaVinci & Van Gogh in one.

Rey, the owner and the artist is the man responsible for all these, see, art is his passion and the way he can share it with others is through his café. All around and over, one's senses will be heightened because vibrancy and novelty permeates through the walls, ceilings and floors. 

Cheesecake with vanilla bean ice cream. 

Another highlight to experience in this joint was to make our own "3rd wave coffee." Epicureanism these days occupies the palate, mind and fingers do they not? With the use of gadgets that look more for a chemist than a barista, 3rd wave coffee begins with your pick of coffee beans which are then measured with precision, grounded and having the steam pressed through to extract the flavors at it's optimum, and again all these - timed to precision. I quite like it of course for it's new! Also, because one has become intimate with the conception of one's coffee while third-waving it, well, it's practically drinking one's offspring though not in a gross sense. Check out the process below:

Do come and try  Il Pittore when you get the chance. It's quite remarkable. 

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