Saturday, August 6, 2016

Pepi Cubano: An Uncompromising Cuban Sandwich Supreme

It is not my desire to be remiss when pointing out a treasure for the purpose of sharing. So, aprés months of extensive research on where to find an authentic Cuban sandwich in the Philippines, the one where it best led the husband and I were to this gem of a sandwich shop in Gallardo St. Makati, Pepi’s Cuban Sandwich!

Let me not prolong the curiosity. Here it is, the Cuban sandwich in the Philippines that has captured the meaning of the bread-fillings-bread concoction. The Pepi Cuban Sandwich is indeed complete with the puerco asado, ham, cheese, dressing, mustard and the pan cubano pressed closely and tightly, altogether here the concert of these flavors and the crunchiness of the bread blend beautifully to make one ricisimo,  esquisito, deliciso sanguche cubano. Claro que sí ! 

Other fares and variation include the chicken, vegetarian, media noche (plain ham and cheese) and the beef steak Cubans. I urge you to try the joint which has been in existence from 2006. They began as a home outfit that delivered the sandwiches to the offices and word of mouth is what got them to where they are right now. Today they deliver, cater and has even been offered to open up at the malls all around capital, not just the capital but I say nationwide and why ever not? 



  1. Ummmm Cuban food is delicious! Thanks for sharing.

    1. You are welcome Marisa :) You are sweet!