Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Boulangerie at Sonya's Garden

What can I say Sonya’s Garden with her other amenities like the Bakery, Bed and Breakfast, the Apothecary and the Restaurant in the Conservatory are the stuff made of class. The interior here is like how I would like my every dwelling place to be. The white walls with the rough texture, the simple shelves and bold Spanish floor tiles that feel and taste like all the old rustic Mediterranean designs combined. 

Sonya's is in the details:
The crawling bougainvillea, bellflowers and other varieties on the exterior of the Boulangerie, the patterns of embroidered curtains, rich wood furniture, ornate tea sets and display case are tell tale of exceptional taste good planning and execution in design. 

The fare inside Sonya’s Panaderia are not wanting in quality; though I was expecting rustic breads like baguettes, sourdough, focaccia  and so on, the fare did still consist mostly of Filipino bakery items such as pan de sal with fillings of cheese or tuna, the bread locally known as the Spanish bread with sweet cream filling but with more intensity in flavors than the usual. 

All I can say is that it would be nice to have this very bakery or something so very akin to it was just around the corner from where I live. 
Do not you?

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