Friday, April 1, 2016

How About Them Tube Hotels?

*not my photo

Getting to be the rage as you read this, the advent of hotels made from concrete drains is fascinating. Oversized drain pipes are laying everywhere on the streets all over the world right? Well, these round cement objects used as pipes to prevent clogs and floods on the streets can be reused as stations of comfort and the photos here show it doesn't take much to convert them into something homey and swanky!

Recycled, eco-deco’d and ingenious in their design, these humongous drains which are turned into comfortable tiny rooms with a bed are utilitarian for the traveler on a budget. 

photo of Langkawi Hotel in Malaysia (not mine)

Pioneered by architect Andreas Strauss, the first such hotel was built in Austria with Das Park Hotel and has so far propagated to Malaysia with the Langkawi Hotel , Mexico with TuboHotel and the Prahhan Hotel in Australia. The ones in Mexico, Malaysia and in Austria are situated in Eco Parks while the one in Australia (Prahhan Hotel) appears in an urban setting. It is only a matter of time when these materials will also be used for single-family housing, like the container vans we now see of late. 

The view on this one. (not my photo)

I personally want a concrete drain or two now to convert them into small rooms for visiting guests and family members who want to come and visit. Just point one end on a nature scene, get a really comfy mattress, sheets with cotton count of 300 and above, feather pillows, accentuate, decorate, et voilá! A dreamy guest room for years to be talked about.

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