Friday, December 14, 2012

Blog Find: Style From Tokyo

photo by Rei Shito

Found a new street fashion blog site named: Style from Tokyo with a proficient photographer named Rei Shito at the helm.

So far, my go-to sites are that of Garance DorĂ©'s and The Sartorialist  in street wear so I can have a sense of the beat in the global avenues. I think I will enjoy this blog because I have always admired the Japanese's ferocity in conveying fashion. 

Let's admit it, even before the advent of anime as vogue inspiration, the Japanese have always been vanguards of style and individuality. It's more admirable that even the Japanese John and Jane Q dresses to impress not necessarily me or you but their sense of originality and independence. 

The girls pictured above are employees of a Men's store in Tokyo whose bow-tied shirts, turned up khakis and utilitarian shoes proves my point about Tokyo's style!

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