Friday, November 30, 2012

The Doctor, Doctor Who?

David Tennant (10) in many ways...

See, the thing is,  I have been very secretive about something; I have been reluctant about whether I should share this guilty pleasure  I have here in this linear progression through time. 
However, dignity is a bit wibbly-wobbly anyway, might as well come clean with it and here it be, it's...

The Doctor! 

The 900 and something-year-old Time Lord from Gallifrey.  Since my first and favorite Doctor is David Tennant, his photograph is the one I chose to feature because he defines the fun-loving, youthful, brilliant "tongue in cheek," Doctor in my eyes.

I even argued one time that to be the Doctor is cooler than to be James Bond (to rousing disagreements) because, The Doc transcends through time, passes through worm holes and dimensions, faces and fights aliens, saves planets and wait for it.. regenerates!

We all have our eccentricities and that's what makes for great horse races yeh?. 

There has already been 11 Time Lords (12 if you count Peter Cushing) called "The Doctor" since 1963. I won't be remiss and will say that Matt Smith (11) is a great Doctor, so was Tom Baker (4) and Patrick Troughton (2), they are all are notable to me. It is the opinion of the Whovian hoi polloi that no matter the era, each Doctor is special, original and possesses the ability to endear all ladies, gentlemen and other variations thereupon.


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