Thursday, January 5, 2012

Woman Weekly: Audrey Hepburn, Maiden Maid

I have been mulling over this concept for the blog. To highlight a woman who is notable in my opinion and pay homage to her every week. Or in some cases if I were to feature Mata Hari for example, who has more notoriety versus amiability, I will merely discuss what makes said woman "of consequence" in my eyes. 

The women I will showcase will include femmes from all walks of life in all possible spectrum of society, dead or living, real or fictitious, glamorous or gritty and et al.

The "maiden" maid featured for this section of the blog will be Audrey Hepburn, because... I think you know why, *sly smile
OK, just in case you don't, Audrey is that woman who is fun to aspire to be in terms of elegance, femininity and class, (I find myself smiling just writing about her). Audrey's beauty is everlasting and quite a vision; her sense of style has transcended through generations and even posthumously, women all over the world want to her as their prototype. 

I loved her in all of her movies, lauded the charity works she did and even her clamor to fight for her marriages even if they failed. That's why she is Et al. by Y.'s first ever feature in "WW." Nobody's perfect, the adage says, but when you see Audrey in photographs - that maxim is just hard to believe.

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