Saturday, January 7, 2012

Spring/Summer Collected Collections:

First off, let me say that I am by no means a fashion expert; all I know is I love and appreciate well designed dresses, shoes, bags and accessories; whether they be from consignment stores or department stores, if there's beauty in it - I will acknowledge it. 

So it goes that as I was cruising through the net to I find what I like in the spring/summer collections put out by different designers located in both sides of the Atlantic - pastel, nudes and bold friendly patterns with white backdrop are the trend that caught my fancy. 

1. Ralph Lauren spearheaded the pastel trend for the spring/summer color it seems and accessorized it with 1920's flair in hat, tasseled bag and soft scarf. Notice the nude-colored shoes...

2. Nina Ricci: Pink with a blend of multi-colored crystals on the neckline for an accent. The white belt adds to the softness and the femininity of the ensemble.

3. Calvin Klein: this vision of neutrality and softness will be a hit for the sensible woman. The whole dress expresses conservatism and strength, but the hemlines and the fabric conveys vulnerability as well. Love the consummation of the nudes in this whole piece.

4.Vera Wang: this beautiful piece by Vera Wang plays with the fabric prints harmoniously. Bold, yet the lines are lady-like.

5.Donna Karan: Ms. Karan got the lemon and lime award for the season's collection. Which his not bad considering citruses do perk and freshen you up. And this is just what this dress and blazer does to me, ocular-ly speaking that is. 

6. Carolina Herrera: This is the piece de resistance of the entire S/S collection not just for the House of Carolina Herrera but for all of it. The combination is universal and ageless, as women in their 20's to even 50's if they so choose, can avail of this look. The ensemble is practical, once again feminine and very cool.
Ms. Herrera did this year what Diane Von Furstenberg did for me with last year's S/S collection terms of wearable fashion and ultimate style!

You know, You could wear this with nude platform heels too!


  1. hey bff! thanks for the tips. am so dumb in terms of style re dresses and shoes but i really love dressing up. i need to have someone with me when i buy something. somebody told me i look good in dark color esp black. but i couldn't wear something black during weddings, baptisms, etc. even during funerals i hate wearing black. kun ma-gimik that's when i go for dark or black outfits :)

  2. BFF: I think we should wear the color that we are drawn to, by so doing - me thinks it's good energy! All too often, we trap ourselves into thinking about norms set for us, especially with dresses - noh?
    How about deep purples? I think those will go good with you...

  3. @mgik: second to that. The CK nude shoes - that's to die for too!.