Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goodbye Tote, you gotta go? Me oh my oh!

While perusing through late last fall's spring/summer collection I spotted these hand bags which debuted at the House of Chloe.

They appealed to me because they looked beautiful and fun but will they be practical? For someone like me who has been spoiled by the tote, hobo and the satchel style bags for their multi purposes and style, I am not sure.

In the age when a woman on the go has to have at least 2 gadgets (cell phone and tablet), a pill box, make up kits, hand sanitizers, miniature sized lotion, perfume, envelope-sized wallet, shades, car keys, pen, tiny umbrella and perhaps a wrap or Pashmina, these pretty little bags will want so much in performance.

However, I will not dismiss the power of cuteness and trend. While the tiny bag is not as functional as it's predecessors, consumers like us will still desire one for very leisurely appointments where we don't expect as much use as we would novelty and style in a bag.

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