Saturday, November 12, 2011


A very riveting French animated film from 2007 about Marjane Satrapi. This is an autobiographical account of this woman's life that follows her as a girl growing up in Iran during the 70’s; chronicling her initial attempt to leave her country; going back to her homeland and ending with her at the threshold of a second attempt on life outside of Iran, in France.

Political undertone is chronicled here which I didn’t mind because it was told in the prism of a citizen of a country where it was happening. In the end, I didn't sense a political propaganda (which is hard for movies to come by these days when dealing with war or religion) because Persepolis is just honest and earnest.

I particularly loved the spirit exhibited by the main characters, where it showed that family values and human character can still play strongly in one’s life amid despotism and frank disregard for the commonwealth of the people by it’s leaders.

The cinematography in the animation is very interesting indeed, transitioning from black and white to colored and back. B & W to depict harshness, then to colored when hope is in site. The humor in the dialog is peachy, especially between Marjane (voiced by Chiara Mastroianni) and her grandma (voiced by Catherine Deneuve - Chiara’s mother in real life), in French.

Notable scenes are when Marjane was trying to buy black market tapes of "Iron Maiden" in the hidden streets of Iran and when she decides to wake up from the doldrums and sings “Eye of the Tiger” in a defiant French accent! 

I recommend you give this Jury Prize winner at the Cannes FF a tumble and have both your eyes opened and your mind entertained in an animated way.

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